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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Carbs

    Advertisement 10. Carbohydrates Release Endorphin’s Eating carbs helps stimulate your brain which releases endorphin’s to the rest of your body. This can be a great mood booster and can keep you from feeling cranky later on in the day. If you feel irritable or depressed, trying eating something high in carbs and see if that helps. Advertisement

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    10 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Advertisement 10. Difficulty Writing The ability to hold a pen or a pencil and write out a note is one of the first things we learn to do in school. Therefore, it is quite shocking when this becomes a difficult task later on in life. The inability to form letters or have them make sense is one of […]

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    10 Tips for Relieving Back Pain

    Advertisement 10. Change Your Chair For people who spend a lot of time at their desks, your chair may be the top culprit. Take some time and make sure it’s aligned properly to support your back. If your chair is worn out, consider getting a new one to better support your back. Advertisement

  • 10 Reasons to Stop Using Microwaves

    Advertisement 10. Radiation Puts You At Risk for Cancer Even the latest models of microwaves have been proven to release high amounts of radiation. Long exposure to this radiation puts you at risk for cancer. So whenever possible, avoid microwaves at all costs. Advertisement

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    10 Amazing Uses for Shea Butter

    Advertisement 10. Scar Treatment Got any nasty scars that you want gone? Here is your solution: apply shea butter to the area over the course of a month. You won’t see results immediately but be patient and carry on with the treatment. Slowly overtime you will see a reduction the scar’s overall appearance. Advertisement

  • 8 Unusual Uses for Honey

    Advertisement 8. Morning Facial Over-the-counter facial cleansers tend to strip your skin of its natural oils and that can lead to more breakouts and uneven skin tone. Thankfully, organic honey can be an excellent all-natural solution due to its anti-bacterial properties. Simply mix some honey with sea salt and make a scrub. Believe us, your […]

  • Are You Bipolar? 10 Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

    Advertisement 10. Manic Episodes Manic episodes can be caused by a number of different reasons, but they are a common sign of bipolar disease. They can cause a person to take on extra difficult tasks or become reckless. Maniac episodes are common with people who suffer from bipolar disease. Advertisement