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    9 Stars Who Were Exploited By Their Managers

    Advertisement 9. Beyoncé Mathew Knowles has managed a number of successful musicians including the pop group Destiny’s Child, his daughter Beyoncé (yes, the queen bee herself) and Solange. Beyoncé fired Knowles after being fed up with constantly being robbed. Advertisement

  • 8 Unusual Uses for Honey

    Advertisement 8. Morning Facial Over-the-counter facial cleansers tend to strip your skin of its natural oils and that can lead to more breakouts and uneven skin tone. Thankfully, organic honey can be an excellent all-natural solution due to its anti-bacterial properties. Simply mix some honey with sea salt and make a scrub. Believe us, your […]

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    10 Incredible Uses for Silica Gel Packets

    Advertisement Silica Gel Packets We’ve all seen these annoying little packets everywhere. Our first impression is to just simply throw them away and be done with it, but did you know these crafty little things could really come in handy sometimes? Read on to find out how these little packages can make a BIG difference in you everyday life. Advertisement

  • ’80s Toys That Are Worth A Ton Today

    Advertisement Tamagotchi   Tamagotchi’s were the coolest thing in junior high. When you were bored in class, all you had to do was pull out this little game and your day would be saved. It was hooked to a key chain and small enough to be carried anywhere. Good luck finding one however. If you […]