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  • 10 Steal-Worthy Dress Ideas from Celebrity Weddings

    Advertisement 10. Audrey Hepburn Her dress may be from another decade, but it’s as elegant and timeless as she is. The collar feature, the partially puffed sleeves, and huge bow all make for a very different wedding dress look. This will make any bride stand out. Advertisement

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    10 Celebrities That Drive Extremely Cheap Cars

    Advertisement 10. Britney Spears The princess of pop has made a very large sum of money over the years, no surprise there. With tons of endorsements and her countless hits, she has of course bought herself an extravagant house, went on many tropical vacations, and has  had some crazy nights out in the town. All that in […]

  • 10 Celebrities With Hideous Spouses

    Advertisement 1. Christina Hendrick and Geoffrey Arend It’s not hard to guess who is less gifted in terms of genetics in this relationship. The Mad Men star shows the power of the busty redhead, and her geeky companion told mediocre jokes in Super Troopers. Can’t help who you love, right? Advertisement

  • Christian Celebrities Who Might Surprise You

    Advertisement   While we often idolize and obsess over them, celebrities are often more like us than many realize. They have dreams, hopes, aspirations, and even sometimes devout faith. Not everyone is outspoken about their religion, and the same is true for celebrities. As a result, you might be surprised to find out who among […]

  • 10 Celebrity Childhood Pics

    Advertisement Angelina Jolie Once known as one of the hottest women in Hollywood, Jolie has not always been so attractive. As a girl, she was not one of the prettiest. She was the daughter of two actresses, but they did not have a lot of money growing up. This young girl has now blossomed into […]

  • 10 Bankrupt Celebrities

    Advertisement Bankrupt Celebrities 10. Billy Joel This iconic musician is well known for numerous #1 songs. When he handed over his money to be managed by his brother, he ended up with nothing. The musician has gone bankrupt three times and has literally lost $90 million dollars in the process! Although he hasn’t toured in […]